Monday, July 12, 2010

Mes amis

Introducing my very dear friends of the forest:

~ Beringer Bear ~
Beringer loves to eat. Fish, bread, a lemon tart, he is happy to partake in all of it. Foraging for berries is his favorite thing to do, next to listening to Monsieur's monthly violin performances..he has been known to look as though he is sleeping during my performances, but I choose to believe that he is simply drifting away among the notes.

~ Rousel Fox ~
Rousel (little red one) is young and a bit mischievous. He is constantly on the move and makes sure that I am safe in the forest. He doesn't wander too far from our friend Berenger, as he too enjoys a good tart now and again. He enjoys quick climbs into trees to visit the creatures of the forest, though sometimes he is met with worried stares.

~ Mignon Rabbit ~
Mignon is happy. She is a friend to all. I often find her watching butterflies or hopping here and there amongst the flower fields. She has been known to hum, and giggle. Mignon is also known for her ability to think through problems and come up with various solutions. She often can be found reading or "researching" as she calls it, for she loves books, almost as much as I do.


  1. they are all very sweet characters Shirley, I can see you are working consistently, yay for you! I am trying too. Thanks for the especially sweet comment about the ant picnic, It meant a lot to me!

  2. Monsieur Olivet has such wonderful friends! I want to learn more about them all!

  3. They are all so wonderful - Monsieur Olivet indeed has wonderful friends.
    I love the way you create this wonderful world!

  4. i didnt know that my lover has wonderful friends...
    oh but i can understand, he's just a jealous guy, he thinks i'll cheat on him...

    (hello Rousel Fox, you're so gorgeous oh but dont tell anyone, okay!)


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